Sounding off: Tropicana

Your Copyright Doesn't Scare Me

This is important to me, as there is a history in family dealing with Tropicana. We always drank Orange Juice at breakfast. We always bought Tropicana's Orange Juice, since no one in my family could stomach oj's from concentrate (and yes there is a large taste difference). Everyone could agree to Tropicana's product, and so that was the product we used. I remember that my father/mother would give me 5 dollars and ask me to go out and buy 2 half gallons at local store. (It was that price every day, not just when there was a sale). Even friends of mine had watches from Tropicana (with an orange in the middle that had the straw stuck in it - which would rotate keeping the seconds)
I always liked their product, but recently I noticed that the oranges they were using were not entirely from Florida. The oranges come from Brazil and Florida. My guess 1 orange from Florida to 99 from Brazil. I remeber the ads - highlighting the fact the oranges were grown in America. I'd rather the money stay in the country, then go out of the country. i understand that harsh winters, summers, springs, well basically years, had happened in Florida with all the hurricanes that had passed through the state, and needing to get supplies from elsewhere. If I can avoid it, I'll try to make sure the product is entirely American (or Israeli).
I would think the price would have gone down, seeing as how the oranges are no longer soley grown in America, but the price stayed the same (adjust for inflation & travel expense due to gas prices). The price of some products soley made in the country is lower than Trop. so I now purchase those when I have a choice. As long as its not from concentrate.
A side note, sticking a straw in an orange and sucking, doesn't really work.
Signing Off,
Daniel Sevrinsky