Sounding off about The Smurfs

Your Copyright Doesn't Scare Me

OK, some people have already heard go on about this, but it needs to be documented. So here it goes:
The Smurfs are COMMUNISTS!! The live in a society with no money, everyone looks the same and dresses the same and the only way to tell them apart from one another is their profession (which I'm sure they didn't choose themselves). Even their houses are identical to one another. (You can say its poor animation, but I know the truth). And living in mushrooms? Makes me think of opium for the masses. Makes sense to you? Good.
Papa Smurf wears RED, and his job is to boss and over-see all the other Smurfs (think any soviet leader, only with less murder and starvation.) The farmer, who has the job of working the land (by himself) is forced to support the entire society and is always grouchy, since no one appreciates what he does, because he just does what he is supposed to do for the good of the community.
Now let us come to the subject of Gargamel and Azriel. Gargamel and his cat, Azriel, try to kidnap Smurfs on a daily basis. Why is he trying to kidnap them? Because he has an old family recipe to turn a Smurf into gold, and in his greed kidnapps the Smurfs. Whoa, hold on, did we say he wants to turn them to gold? Sounds very Capitalistic to me! So Garamel, the Capitalist, wants to make money and live happily, and will use whatever method he can find to do so. He becomes the embodiment of "EVIL" capitalism, and how capitalism tries to destroy utopian society.
It seems to me that whoever came up with this whole idea laced it with their political belief system. The Smurfs are blue, but in their hearts they are reds.
Signing off,
Daniel Sevrinsky