MLB Playoffs 2005

Your Copyright Doesn't Scare Me

O.K., so the MLB playoffs are under way, and obviously I am rooting for the Yankees. Now I'm not some fan who loves the Yankees beacuse they are popular or because they won. I rooted for them through all the heart aches of the eighties and early nineties. My Great-Grandfather (Z"L) used to take my father to games when he was young. (Think Mickey Mantle in the prime of his career.) My mom's favorite player is Hector Lopez - an odd choice (look him up if you don't know who he is), so I was a predestined Yankee fan. It really pains me to see how many people are just anti-Yankees. Why can't they just stick to rooting for their own home team? There is no need to be nasty.
But back to the subject at hand. I've heard people say they are rooting for the Red Sox because they hate the Yankees. I think What? That is the silliest thing. If you don't like the Yankees, fine. There is no need to root for the team with which they have the biggest rivalry just for spite. I personally feel, if you hate the Yankees (and if the Yankees are not sucessful), you should root for the White Sox. The Red Sox broke their Championship drought, and had their moment in the sun. They are still an excellent team, but lets look at some history please. The White Sox last won a World Series in the splendid year of 1917, with Shoeless Joe Jackson (see Field of Dreams for more information). We are talking about WW 1, and that is a considerable amount of time. If not the Yankees, then they deserve a break.
I'm not much of an NL fan, but if I had to choose from one of the four teams, first I'd pick the weakest, so the Yankees or White Sox will have an easier time. But from the Astros, Braves, Cardinals or Padres. The Braves have been consistantly good year after year, even with insane changes to their orginization.They have been around a long time (moving from Boston to Milwaukee and then to Atlanta) The Cardinals are an old franchise (1882 start), but won a World Series. The Padres (an expansion in 1969), and the Astros (Colt .45s -> Astros in the 60's), both never won any Championships. I preffer older teams with more history generally, but I feel for teams that have been around for quite some time and haven't won. I think the Padres mascot is hilarious, and if I were Christian, I might be deeply offended. I'll pick the Cardinals as the team I would like to succeed, but I won't feel so bad if the Padres won. (The Astros can go sink. When a player says he is retiring, let him retire, don't throw money at him, and sabatoge his decision.)
Signing off,
Daniel Sevrinsky