Sounding Off on Macy's

Your Copyright Doesn't Scare Me

Here is something that I found both funny and disturbing at the same time. My wife bought a suit (woman's suit) at Macy's because they were having a sale. Fine, thats pefectly normal. The deal was if you buy one suit, you get a second suit of equal or lesser value free. (You have to pay almost full price on the first one.) Each of these suits start at the price of 150- if not more. So she buys one suit and gets one free. She shows me the suits she bought, and asked my opinions. I thought the suit she got for free was very nice, but the suit she actually paid for did not match my taste (in any way. I mean really, fashion is not allows fashionable.) We go back to Macys to return the suit, intending to return the second suit that was recieved free with the first one as well. We intended to buy the second suit and pick out another suit as the free one that we both would agree upon.
So we get to the counter and talk with the salesperson, and explain that we would like to return the suit. The salesperson tells us, ok, fine. We then asked what to do about the suit that came free with it. Their answer: its yours. You got free when you made the initial purchase, so you get to keep it.
Excuse me? All someone needs to have is a Macy's card and enough credit, and they can buy a suit, and get a second one free. They can then return the first one, get refunded ALL the money the paid, and still walk out with a 200 dollar suit. Not a bad deal, right?
This is a true story, just in case you were wondering. It certainly makes you wonder if people think at all.
Signing Off,
Daniel Sevrinsky