Sounding Off: Election Day

Your Copyright Doesn't Scare Me

Today is Election Day. Always on a Tuesday in the beginning of March. Always a day when everyone needs to go to work. Students have off only because the schools are public buildings used for the purposes of the election. I am always disappointed with the way our country handles election day. I have some suggestions to make it more meaningful.
Election Day should be a MONDAY, not Tuesday. This Monday (that the elections would be held on) should be a federal holiday. The title to this holiday would be 'Government Appericiation Day' or something along those lines, of appreciating our civil servants and appreciating the system of governance that we have. I'm not looking for an extra day off in the year, I am looking for a day that the most people would be able to vote with the most information.
The sunday directly preceeding the election should be one of debate between candidates, as well as the propositions put on the ballet. In today's NJ election I saw that there was a proposition on the ballet that I had no idea it was going to be voted on (an environmentalist matter). Debates on Sunday, in the middle of the day, accessable to all - public buildings should have a loop of debates running, so that people can come and go, and become informed on the issues and the candidates' views. The radio stations and tv stations should also do the same (for the proper locallity in which they reside). This looping display should continue throughout sunday proceeding the election, and the election day itself. (The same material no changes between the two days allowed - by law.)
This Monday should be the first Monday before Daylight Saving Time - the weather is nicer, so people can get to the poles, and there are no major sporting events on the Sunday before it (Baseball season starts the following week). Elections in November? How I am supposed to listen to debates when the Giant game is on, and the Jets are playing at home (chance of being present at the game)?
The new session of the representatives start the following week - the first monday of Daylight Savings Time. While the transfer of power might seem a bit swift, the populace has spoken who is wanted - and change should be as immediate as possible. I can think that a government official, being sour grapes about losing an election, will abuse their elected power if there is a lag time between the switch of new and old representatives. There is really no history of that, but it is not unthinkable.
It might seem silly to some people that elections should be no more than a regular routine, but how are people going to be interested in elections if elections are routine? (loaded question).
It is a civil duty and a civil right to vote, but voting is not celebrated. There is no joy in running to the polls at 7 am to get to work on time, or running to the polls at 7 pm right after work, praying that the booths are still open. Election Day should be a happy day for the nation at large, a day where America displays to the world what a representative democracy should be about, and how it should look.
Signing Off,
Daniel Sevrinsky